The EMSCULPT is the only procedure to help both women and men build muscle and sculpt their body.

Build Muscle. Burn Fat.

At Getachew Health Center, we are excited to offer EMSCULPT, a non-invasive treatment option that helps to tone areas including: the stomach, buttocks, biceps, triceps, thighs and calves.


What is Emsculpt?

EMSCULPT is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that has been proven to be safe and effective through multiple clinical trials. The treatment utilizes an external device to gently induce muscle contractions in the targeted area, expediting the muscle building process and revealing a toned exterior.

While other body contouring treatments focus on either skin tightening or eliminating fat, EMSCULPT simultaneously targets unwanted fat and accelerates muscle growth.


How does it work?

EMSCULPT channels HIFEM, High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic, energy technology via external hardware. This induces powerful muscle contractions in the targeted area. When exposed to these contractions, muscle tissue is forced to adapt and respond with a deep, inner structure remodeling. As a result, muscle development is stimulated and a sculpted figure is produced.

EMSCULPT is not a surgery and does not require anesthesia, knives, incisions, or downtime. Instead, EMSCULPT is a non-invasive body contouring treatment option for both men and women.


Why Emsculpt?

The EMSCULPT treatment is a convenient alternative to traditional body sculpting methods for individuals seeking to enhance muscle without a rigorous exercise routine or invasive surgery. EMSCULPT allows for individuals to reach their body goals without spending an extreme amount of time at a fitness center. A single 30-minute EMSCULPT treatment session produces contractions that are the equivalent of doing 22,000 sit ups. It’s time to build the body of your dreams!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Treatment time?

A single EMSCULPT treatment session lasts roughly 30 minutes. The treatment plan you receive will be specifically designed for your needs, but patients typically receive a minimum of four sessions, which are scheduled about 2-3 days apart.


What does the Emsculpt Treatment feel like?

EMSCULPT patients often compare the treatment sensation to that of an intense workout. There have been no reports of pain while receiving the treatment. Also, there is no need to allow for recovery time following your treatments, as EMSCULPT requires no downtime.
How soon will I notice results?

EMSCULPT results are typically reported roughly two to four weeks following the final treatment session. This being said, you will continue to notice improvements for several weeks following your treatment.


Am I a candidate for Emsculpt?

Any individual can benefit from the EMSCULPT treatment.

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