Lisa Shoemaker

Patient Aesthetic Coach located in Columbus, OH

About Shoemaker

Lisa Shoemaker is Getachew Health Center’s Director of Sales and Patient Aesthetic Coach. When meeting Lisa, not only will she instantly brighten your day with her smile, she will also assist you in finding the perfect program for all your aesthetic needs and concerns. With prior experience working with a plastic surgeon, Lisa has the understanding and knowledge of procedures, treatments, and skin care lines to ensure you bundle to appropriate services in your membership to best suite your needs.

Lisa has always had a passion for great skincare and has been sensitive about body image and how both things can impact one’s life. Although nothing can replace inner beauty, she understands that it can be difficult to be the best version of yourself when you’re dealing with issues on the outside. It can be in the form of acne, a scar, excess hair or weight that is limiting how you feel about your own reflection and understands it is a personal journey that not everyone understands.

The Getachew Health Center has given Lisa a platform to help men and women transform their skin and body with non-surgical treatments. She hopes you will give her the privilege to be part of your physical and emotional journey.

Lisa is committed in leading her dedicated team to be compassionate, respectable and sensitive to all client’s needs and concerns. She will provide the privacy you deserve when discussing treatment and financing options available to you through the Getachew Health Center and looks forward to helping you rejuvenate, relax and recover.